Wednesday, July 30, 2008

So Much To Say...

Jim brought this home for me on Friday. He'd eaten at Cheesecake Factory on Thursday with a bunch of people from work & I gave him a hard time for not bringing me home a slice of heaven. So he bought me a whole Godiva Chocolate Cheesecake (the best cheesecake in the world!). We decided we shouldn't eat it all ourselves so we invited some friends over Sunday night to help us eat it. Of course I forgot to get my camera out so I don't have pictures of that, but it was fun! We haven't done much this past year with anyone so we're hoping to start being more social and doing things with our friends more often.
Kaylee & Matthew love playing on the trampoline. They are getting good at walking on it and doing little bounces.

We've also introduced them to the slide and they love it too! Matthew can climb all the way to the top. He likes to go down headfirst.

Matthew got away from Jim when he was changing his diaper, his little bum was so cute, I had to take a picture.
Kaylee & Jim
Resting together
Thomas looking handsome on Sunday
They love eating. I have to put them in the highchairs & feed them first thing in the morning. I think this was "snack time."

Kaylee kissing Matthew in the laundry basket. They played with this for about 30 minutes.
Matthew playing Peek-A-Boo
This is the most exciting thing...The twins are weaned! I think the last time I nursed them was Friday night. It is so wonderful! I can't believe that I nursed them for a full year, I think that is one of the biggest achievements of my life. The hardest part about weaning them was the middle of the night wakings. Kaylee was easy to get back to sleep, but Matthew kept us up a couple of nights for about an hour, just screaming and mad that I wouldn't feed him. Last night we put them down a little before 8 and they slept till around 6:45 this morning!!! Neither one of them woke up at all. Jim and I were very excited this morning. Yay for us! We also had our first date in a long time on Saturday! We got one of the girls from church to babysit and had dinner at Abuelo's (so yummy!!) and then went birthday shopping for Matthew in Kaylee. We were gone about 2 1/2 hours and they did great!!
Here they are with their Milk Sippies. Sometimes they get a little silly and like to do milk bubbles and spit out their milk at each other, you can see the milk dribbling down Kaylee's chin.


Cathy said...

So much wonderful stuff!! Are you going to go to Cheesecake Factory today and get a $1.50 slice of cc? Or are you burnt out on it (is that possible)?

FREE WOMAN!!!! How wonderful to be free! That is an AMAZING accomplishment to nurse *TWINS* for a whole year!!! I didn't last 60 hours with my one! I'm so proud of you!

And SLEEP - it's a GOOD THING!

We are so excited to see all five of you in about one month!

Trish said...

Congratulations on your new independence! I don't know how you lasted a year nursing these 2!! How nice to sleep!

Baileys said...

I find it quite funny that half of your blogs include pics of food!
Congrats on the weaning!

jennifer rogers said...

hey marji,
we were planning on eating at paula deen's restaurant...our family tells us it's the best food that they've had in Savannah but the wait is ridiculous! You have to put your name on a waiting list(you can't call it in, you have to actually go there) and then they will tell you when you can come and eat...the wait was like 3 hours long and with Brock that wasn't happening....but I plan to get there sometime!

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