Monday, July 7, 2008

Fun on the 4th

We went to Hot Springs for the 4th of July. We all decided to go to Magic Springs on Friday. I hadn't been there since I worked there in High School and sliced open my pinky(another story for another day). Anyway it was pretty fun. It was very hot and then it started to rain after a few hours, but we had fun while we were there.

Kaylee wouldn't look at the camera, she was more interested in the fountain.
I thought this was a great shot of "Grandma DeVaux" with Maddy, Thomas & Ada Belle. They all love her so much!
Pam with Thomas & Maddy in the spinning cars.
Me with Thomas & Maddy in the... I don't remember what these were.
Thomas was very excited to ride the airplane. Jim rode with him even though he barely fit in the seat.
They also have a water park there so it was nice to cool off after walking around the hilly park.
We rushed to the car to avoid the rain. Here are Kaylee & Matthew in their brand new car seats! Well, Kaylee's is new & Matthew's is new to him, it was Thomas' old seat.
Jen & David drove down from Utah and got in that afternoon. Maggie was happy to be out of the car. The babies enjoyed playing together, as well as babies play.
The "Big" kids played in the pool out front.
Dad & Micha bought a ton of fireworks. We enjoyed the show. Micha & Jim set the fireworks off while we sat back & watched. K&M went to bed early so they didn't get to see the fireworks.

Sisters... We missed Trish & Gabby!
Thomas was the most excited for the fireworks. He was very sad when they were all gone. He is still asking where the rest of the fireworks are and when he can set them off.


Sunni said...

i LOVE all your pictures. such a fun blog to read!!

Fairbanks Family said...

What a fun day, I love doing fun things like this with the kids.

j said...

looks like you guys had a fun devaux party! we (jack & danielle) have been saying for awhile it's too bad we don't live closer to you guys because we think we would love hanging out with the devaux clan.

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