Friday, June 27, 2008

A Fun Tag...

J.P. tagged me, I haven't been tagged in while so I thought it would be fun as the posts are usually about my kids b/c I'm pretty boring
3 Joys
1. My kids, it was so much work to get them that I am happy to have them even on their worst days. I love to watch them learn and explore. I just feel so blessed to have such wonderful kids.
2. Jim-My great husband who works so hard to give us a nice life
3. A shaved ice on a really hot day (so any summer day here in Texas!) My current favorite is Strawberry cheesecake with cream, if I'm in a really hungry mood I get it with vanilla ice cream, sounds funny but it is sooooooo good!
3 Fears
1. Losing one of my kids
2. Losing Jim
3. Running out of chocolate in my house, I think I've turned into a chocoholic!
3 Goals
1. To ween the babies and not put on weight when I quit nursing (that means exercising and cutting out all the good stuff I love to eat!)
2. To put pictures in Matthew & Kaylee's 1st year scrapbook. I haven't put a single picture in yet and they are almost a year old!!!
3. To potty train Thomas
3 Current Obsessions
1. Keeping my house clean since it is on the market. Jim loves that it is always clean and clutter free, it makes me a little stressed but I'm enjoying the clutter free lifestyle for now.
2. Reading good books, currently I'm reading The Host and I like it. Summer TV stinks so I've been reading a lot lately. I'm very excited for the latest book in the Twilight series to come out in August: Breaking Dawn!
3. Blogging... I love keeping up with Friends & Family that blog, it makes me feel closer to them even if I haven't seen them in a long time. I also love reading "strangers" blogs.
3 Random Surprising Facts
1. I don't have an appendix, I had it removed when I was in 3rd grade because it was about to rupture.
2. I usually talk to my sisters everyday. We fought constantly when we were growing up and under the same roof, but now they are some of my best friends. I just wish we all lived in the same town, but then we would probably fight more :)
3. I was mugged in the Wendy's parking lot in Hot Springs when I was 17. I had just taken the ACT and had lunch with Angela. I was in my car backing up and 2 girls came up and motioned for me to roll down my window and I did (not being very smart, I'll say it was because I used up all my brain power on the ACT). They said to give them all my money or they'd blow my f-ing head off. I didn't have any money to give them, I showed them my empty wallet. I never saw a gun so I thought they were just bluffing, but didn't really know. I was freaking out. Luckily two big guys in army fatigues pulled in next to me got out and just stopped and stared at the girls so they ran off and I sped away and started crying. Totally freaked me out for few weeks. I didn't want to go anywhere alone!
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Melissa said...

That's scary about Wendy's!

Andrea said...

it is so fun to learn new things about you!

Ruthie said...

Oh my! I had no idea that happened! Did we take the ACT the same day? I don't remember. . .

Brandy said...

I tagged you...and I'm working on the the one you tagged me on! :) Did that make sense?

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