Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Our Relief Society meets for swimming at a neighborhood pool every Tuesday. It is quite a bit of work for me to take 3 kids swimming, but they all love it and so do I! Thomas has the best time of all I think. This is us getting ready to leave the pool. I don't always use the floats with M&K, I have friends that help me hold them so it is nice.
Thomas with his life jacket on. He and Justin play really hard. They both love jumping in the water. Thomas doesn't get upset when he goes under (unless he breathes in water).
Kaylee & Matthew enjoying snacks and sippy cups before we head out.
Kaylee & Matthew love mac & cheese. I let them feed themselves, which they love, but they make a huge mess! They go straight to the tub after dinner!
They are both into holding their own spoons and feeding themselves. I have to help them get the food on the spoon and it doesn't always make it right into their mouths. They both love to chew on the spoons. Matthew is cutting his first tooth on top and I think Kaylee is cutting her 2nd bottom tooth, she doesn't like me to look in her mouth.

Me & Thomas after church on Sunday. He looks so handsome in his shirt & tie.
Matthew in another small place, he thought it was pretty funny that he got stuck in the toy cupboard.
Well our house is officially on the market! Here is our dining room, which we are using as an office. We had crown moulding installed & I think it looks great! I've wanted to put it in for about 6 years! Oh well, I guess we can enjoy it while our house is on the market. We also got a new light fixture, I never liked the ugly brass one that was in here.
This is another big transformation. This was the guest room/craft room/exercise room. Now it is pretty much the guest room. I took down my table and packed up most of my stuff. If I had taken a before picture you would all be amazed! I put a lot of my stamping stuff in the closet so I can still get to it, just not as conveniently. Oh well, I don't have much time for stamping anyway. Our elliptical is in the garage, we haven't really used it at all so that isn't a big hardship. We had someone come and clean our house yesterday and looks amazing! It has never been this clean! I could really get used to someone else doing all the cleaning that I don't have time for and that I hate doing!


Fairbanks Family said...

You are so brave to take them swimming alone and the rooms look great.

Marji & Jim said...

Well I have lots of friends to help me at the pool, I don't think I'd be brave enough to go completely by myself :)

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