Thursday, June 26, 2008

Another fun Matthew & Kaylee Video

Thomas got in the chair and wanted Kaylee & Matthew to sit by him. He also wanted me to take a picture.
Matthew pulling a funny face. He's cutting a tooth on top!
Kaylee looking for food to eat.
Thomas has this big teddy bear and for some reason Matthew & Kaylee love wrestling with it. It is pretty funny. Sorry for the shaky camera work.


Fairbanks Family said...

That is so cute, Allison has watched it several times when it ends she says she wants it again. Their little laughs are so cute.

Cat Yo said...

What a hoot! I can't beleive how Kaylee would just laugh and laugh, even when Matthew tried to knock her out with his noggin! So cute - the kids love it!

Jennifer said...

I love baby laughter! That was such a cute video :)

Andrea said...

That was a really cute little movie of M&K. and it looks like you guys are having lots of fun at the pool. I miss that.

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