Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Meeting Olivia and more...

My Mom, Pam, Maddy & Olivia came to see us for a few days last week. We were all very excited to meet Olivia. She is so tiny and sweet. Thomas thought she was very cute. Thomas & Maddy had a blast playing together (they always d0.) Here are a few pictures from our fun days we had. We did a little shopping, had lunch at Abuelo's (oh so good) and just enjoyed hanging out together!
We set up the swimming pool and put the slide in it. Thomas and Maddy played out there for a few hours. They had so much fun. Kaylee & Matthew watched from inside, they really wanted to join them, but Thomas & Maddy were a little too crazy for the babies so be out there too.

I thought this was a great picture! Kaylee loved her big cousin Maddy
Sweet little Olivia

Kaylee & Olivia with Pam, Kaylee was very curious about her.
Matthew had to get in on the picture
The 3 kids with Grandma DeVaux before she left on Saturday. Jim on Father's Day: Blueberry Muffins, bacon & assorted fruits. Thomas was very excited about the bacon!
Kaylee with Jim
Matthew & Kaylee chillin' in their diapers.
For dessert we had brownies & ice cream, Matthew & Kaylee are all about dessert!
Thomas took some pictures this morning. I thought they were pretty good...
Matthew climbing into the cubby.

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Cathy Yoder said...

Nice picture taking Thomas! Looks like Jim had a nice Fathers Day. I love the picture of him and Kaylee! So sweet!

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