Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Channeling Martha Stewart

Since November Jim has been driving 90 miles round trip to work. It is finally starting to wear on him (and me) so we have decided to put our house on the market and try to make a move closer to his office (in Southlake). Well we won't be living in Southlake, we can't afford that! We're hoping to build a house in Ronoake. We love where we're at now but we don't love how much time Jim is spending on the road and add the increasing cost of gas it just doesn't make sense to stay over on this part of town. So if you know anyone that wants to buy a house let us know! We're meeting with Realtors and trying to get our house ready to go on the market. With 3 small kids this seems like an impossible task some days. So I've been trying to channel Martha Stewart and this is the result. (Those that know me well, know I tend to be a tad cluttery so this is kind of hard for me).

I cleaned out our linen closets and got rid of the towels and sheets we don't use and neatly folded and rolled the ones we do use. This should be pretty easy to keep tidy because the kids can't reach it.
I should have done a before picture of my closet because it was a mess! I couldn't even really walk in because shoes were everywhere. I boxed up all my winter shoes and winter clothes and this was the end result. I like how my shirts look arranged this way, I guess I like stripes because I have a lot of striped shirts.

I cleaned out our bookshelf in the hall and organized it so it looked better. I packed up the paperback books and just left the nice hardbacks. This is what Matthew & Kaylee were up to this morning.
They thought they were pretty cool being able to pull off the big books!

Oh No! They see me on the floor and they are after me!
I made this cute little book with family pictures for the kids to look at at church. Matthew loves to get it out of the diaper bag and look at his fun cousins.
While I was cleaning out the closets yesterday Matthew had fun playing in the bathroom. He loves to get into small spaces. He's in the shower in the picture above and the floor of the linen closet in the picture below.
Here is Kaylee doing one of her favorite things, dumping out the office garbage can. I try to keep it up high,but she can still get to it. Yeah, it is going to be real easy for me to keep my house clean for showings :)
Thomas finally pooped in the potty! We were all very excited. He hasn't had a repeat performance yet, but he's doing better. Hopefully by the time he's 4 we'll have him potty trained :)
In case you were wondering, Matthew is all over his rash now. It was all cleared up on Sunday. He looked the worst here (on Thursday) it just moved up and down from his chest to the different parts of his body. It never itched, but it sure looked bad!


Fairbanks Family said...

That is so awesome for Thomas, we are potty training Will also so I know the excitement. Good luck with the house sell and keeping it clean with the kids, I know it is hard to keep the house looking nice with 3 kids.

Brynn said...

Oh no! We're going to miss you!

Sunni said...

wow, Margi, what an undertaking! your closet looks AMAZING! prayers coming your way to sell your house and get settled in the best place for your family.

Andrea said...

wow, I hope you have better luck selling your house then we have had. a 90 mile commute is a long way to travel every day. I feel really bad for the Sachse ward but I'm sure you will enjoy the extra family time you'll get when you live closer.

I love the pictures of your kids - I'm glad Matthew's rash didn't hurt or itch, it looks so bad.

Angela said...


A picture of doo doo!!

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