Thursday, June 5, 2008

10 Months! Baths & Weird Ailments

Kaylee & Matthew were 10 months old on Monday! I can't believe how fast time is flying by! They would not sit for their monthly pictures so these are the best I got. The pictures show their cute personalities though.
Kaylee at 10 months: Says Mama, crawls, loves to make funny faces, picky about what she'll eat and such a happy little girl!
Matthew: loves to wrestle with Thomas and steal Kaylee's toys, will eat anything and everything, very sneaky (he likes to go splash in the toilet when we forget to shut the bathroom door), he's my sweet little cuddle bug for a few minutes a day.
Matthew & Kaylee standing in the crib
Matthew trying to climb into Kaylee's crib
I haven't take any bath pictures lately so I thought I'd post a few. They both love to stand up and knock the duck and any toys into the bath.

Matthew got these weird bumps on his tummy yesterday. I took some pictures and just thought it was an allergic reaction to something he ate so I gave him some Benadryl. They didn't seem to get worse so I didn't really worry about it. Then last night around 8 I noticed more of the bumps so we called our friend who is a Dr. and he said to just give him some Benadryl and keep an eye on it. Well he woke up this morning and it had really spread to cover a lot of his body. It freaked me out, see the picture below.

Kaylee likes to poke at the red bumps.
Poor little sick boy!
So I took him to the Dr. this morning and he has Erythema Multiforme. There isn't any treatment for it, it usually clears up in 3-5 days and it just look horrible. So hopefully he'll be better soon. He acts like he feels fine, he just looks bad! Oh and he also has another ear infection and lots of fluid so we have to take him to a specialist to see if he needs tubes in his ears! Fun for us :)
Matthew likes to get in this little cubby in our computer desk.
Here's a video of Kaylee & Matthew fighting over a golf club, it's pretty funny!


Jennifer said...

Oh my gosh, that video is too cute!

Super Heumann said...

Marji, this is Becky Hale Hemann. I found your blog from halefire. Your little ones are soooo cute! That rash would have freaked me out too!

The Nunn Family said...

Your twins are the CUTEST! I always check your blog for new posts - watching your children grow up a few months ahead of our twins has been so fun! Thanks for being a great blogger! April

Andrea said...

Oh, I love all the pictures! it sounds like you are all having a fun summer! I hope Matthew's ears get better soon.

Thanks for being such a good blogger I love keeping up with your family. It is fun to watch your kids grow through the pictures. We miss you guys!

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