Thursday, May 15, 2008

When the cat is away...

Kaylee & Matthew love to play in Thomas' room, especially when he is at M.D.O. on Tuesday and Thursday. He's just got so many cool toys. Here's some shots of them getting into his stuff. They will crawl to his room on their own together. I just wonder how these two comunicate.This little car is a favorite of M & K.

Bath time is a fun time. When Kaylee & Matthew hear the water running they both make their way to our room as fast as they can. Matthew is much faster so he usually gets there first. They stand up by the bathtub and bounce up and down so excited to get in. It is just too cute!
Matthew's a little sad that he isn't in the tub.


Cathy Yoder said...

Margi: Thanks for keeping up so good on the blog--we love the pictures so much !!! The picture of you and your mom and Oscar is precious--Is it Gabby that looks like you in that picture??
Mom A.

Cathy Yoder said...

Oops - I guess mom was logged into my accout! :) I just love the picture of Matthew and his sad face at the bathtub. Thanks for sharing!

Andrea said...

that is so funny how they play in Thomas's room. I love the last picture of Matthew!

Andrea said...

WOW!! i dont know if you remember me or not from the Sachse ward, but I cant belive how big Thomas has gotten. And you have twins too!! They are all so beautiful!! Looks like things are going great for you! Congrats!!

Oscar & Dollie said...

M & K sound like Ocho. He loves the bath too. I try to put him in with AdaBelle. Well that doesn't work too well. She likes to dump water on him. He likes the water but not when he can't breathe for her doing if over and over!
Well just wanted to say they're cute and gettin big! :)

Love ya'll!

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