Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Cupcakes & Swimming Pools

Sunday night Thomas wanted to make cupcakes, he decided on chocolate cupcakes with Chocolate frosting (he's a chocoholic like his mama). They turned out great and everybody got one, even Matthew & Kaylee.

Kaylee pretty much shredded her cupcake so I don't think she actually ate much, but she sure had fun.
We got Thomas this little pool for the backyard. Yesterday was finally warm enough to set it up (it was over 90 degrees). He was so excited he had to get in it right away even though the water was pretty cold. He'd stay in for a little while then come back inside, finally around 3 it was warm enough and he had a blast. I put it right outside our back windows and opened the blinds so Matthew & Kaylee could watch him. They loved it.
When Jim got home Thomas wanted him and Matthew & Kaylee to go swimming with him so we got them suited up. I took Matthew out first and Kaylee was not happy about being left inside, I had to get a picture because it was so funny. She was really yelling at us letting us know she was mad.
Thomas helping Matthew
Jim with all 3 kids. The water was a little too deep for Matthew & Kaylee to crawl around so Jim just had to hold them, which they didn't like so they didn't stay in the water for too long.

Kaylee & Matthew watching Thomas in the pool.

Kaylee & Matthew love the stage 3 foods, unfortunately they get them all over so we have to bathe them just about every night. Here are their messy faces.
Pam & Jenny got web cams for Mother's Day, Trish already had one so I had to go out and buy one too so we could all chat. Pam wasn't home when we were chatting in this picture, but it is so much fun. The kids love to see each other. Thomas & Maddy will talk to each other. David is scared of the camera, if you look closely you can see him up on the couch behind Jenny. So if you have a web cam, let us know and we can chat (especially all of our family in Idaho!)


Cathy Yoder said...

I love the beautiful messy faces!

Trish said...

That picture of Kaylee crying at the window is priceless!

jennifer rogers said...

hey marji,
the twins are soooo cute!! I always like to look at your blog to see what we have in store for us with Brock! I love your new background where did you get it?

Marji & Jim said...

I got my background from this blog http://www.cutestblogontheblock.blogspot.com/ i guess i need to put a link for it, they have tons of cool free backgrounds!

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