Friday, May 30, 2008

Lots of stuff

It has been a crazy week. Kaylee started getting sick last Thursday night with a fever, then Sunday Matthew started with the same thing. Of course the Dr.'s office was closed on Monday so we didn't get them there till Tuesday and they both had ear infections! So I've spent most of the week taking care of sick kids. They are much better now so I finally have time to do a quick posting!
Last Saturday we took Thomas to see the temple. We hadn't taken him there and he has been talking about temples in primary so we wanted to show it to him. He liked the fountains and Angel Moroni.

Jim gave Matthew some M&M cookies and this was the result!
Thomas had his last day of Preschool on Thursday. Here is a picture of him with his teachers Miss Tina & Miss Cindy. He loved going and we'll both miss it this summer.
To celebrate his last day of school we got "Mommy's Favorite" shaved ice on the way home. He wanted a blue one with a blue umbrella. He enjoyed the umbrella more than the shaved ice.
Today we made the big trek to Jim's office in Southlake. He's been with Fidelity for 6 months and we hadn't been out to see him or meet the people he works with. It took us about 45 minutes to drive there. Kaylee & Matthew were a hit with all his coworkers, especially the ladies!

There is a Cheesecake Factory across the street from his office so we went there for lunch. It was so yummy. We had to get the avocado egg rolls for an appetizer. They are the best!
Kaylee & Matthew enjoyed the bananas and bread that they brought out for them to munch on.
We got our cheesecake to go, I got my favorite: Godiva Chocolate Cheesecake. It is seriously the best Chocolate cheesecake I've ever had. Totally satisfies the chocolate craving for about a week! Speaking of good foods, we got the best Blue Bell Ice Cream it is called Centennial Cupcake. It is yellow cake batter ice cream with chocolate cake, chocolate frosting and green sprinkles. If you see it, get it! It is a little taste of heaven!

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Cathy Yoder said...

Glad you got a chance to get some CC Fac in! Looking at those egg rolls makes me hungry! Love the look of the blog!

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