Friday, April 25, 2008

Sleeping & Walking

Well this week I decided I needed to bite the bullet and get the babies to fall asleep on their own in their cribs. I usually nurse them then carefully put them in their beds already asleep so they don't disturb one another and wake each other up. Tuesday night Jim had a work dinner and it had been a long day so I read a little about the sleep training in "How to Solve Your Child's Sleep Problems" by Richard Ferber. So I bathed them, fed them and let them play for a little then took them to their room and put them to bed. They both protested pretty loudly, but I was worn out enough it didn't really bug me. I went in after 5 minutes and patted their backs and laid Matthew back down (he loves standing up in his crib) and left again, did the same thing after 10 minutes because they were still crying. They finally fell asleep before the 15 minutes was up. Wednesday night I only had to go in once after 10 minutes. Last night, Kaylee fell right to sleep and Matthew cried for about 10 minutes, he got his foot stuck in the crib so after I took it out and laid him down he fell asleep within a few minutes. They have also done so much better on their naps too. I had time to mop my floors yesterday, which hasn't happened in quite some time. Now I just have to get them off nursing in the middle of the night, they both still wake up 1 or 2 times, though it has been a little better with our new bedtime routine. So Yay for me. They were both in bed by 8 last night so I got to watch my favorite shows, Greys, Lost & the Office. The office is just hilarious, Jim & I love watching it together and just laughing out loud. gives me a headache trying to figure everything out. Enough writing, here's some fun pictures.Matthew & Kaylee love crawling under their exersaucers. They were both under one the other day trying to get these balls. I had to grab my camera b/c it was just too cute.

Matthew loves to look out the back window. He is so good at pulling up on anything and everything.

Kaylee's "cleavage"-she's so chubby her onesies often pull down while she's scooting around and it looks like she has cleavage.

One of our exersaucers (Aunt Suzie & Marcie gave it to us and we love it) converts into a walker. They haven't been enjoying the exersaucers as much so I decided to utilize the walker feature. M & K both love standing up with it. Matthew did pretty good taking some steps with it, Kaylee still needs some practice. They're on their way to walking which is kind of scary & kind of sad and exciting all at the same time.

This is Thomas' serious face, he's not that into smiling for the camera right now.

My three kids, ya gotta love 'em :)


Melissa said...

Congratulations on the sleep training! I am happy it was easy for you...both of mine did really well with that too.
Wow. Twins. I know that I am one, but I can't even imagine being the Mom of twins! You are awesome!

Fairbanks Family said...

Way to go on the sleeping. I need to work on that with Ella too. I do the same thing I nurse her and carefully put her in her crib. Those are such cute pictures.

Julie said...

Your kids just keep getting cuter and cuter!!!

Cathy Yoder said...

YAY for you! I'm wondering how the book compares to Secrets of the Baby Whisperer? You've read that one haven't you? Is it about the same routine? I'm starting to get nervous about loosing my good nights rest in 7 weeks!

Marcie said...

Glad to hear the sleeping is going well. Both of our boys had trouble self-soothing and sleeping on their own.

I need to come over and see those babies!!!!!

Jennifer said...

I'm completely addicted to The Office, and I've given up on trying to understand Lost. I just wait for the DVDs now and then watch the season all at's easier that way.

Andrea said...

first of all super cute pictures! Second, good job on the whole sleep thing! Tyler is in bed with us because it is the only way I can get him to sleep at night. maybe when we get into our new house we will have to try to get him in his own bed.

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