Monday, April 21, 2008

A Fun Weekend

Saturday was a gorgeous day so we decided it would be fun to grab some dinner and go to the park so we could enjoy some time outside. We got some yummy fried chicken and headed to one of the parks close by. Thomas was so excited. We hadn't been to a park for a while I guess. He said, "Mommy, this is so much fun, I love it."
Kaylee & Matthew enjoyed being outside too, Kaylee has a french fry in her mouth. She loves to just hold things in her mouth, she's a goofball!
Thomas had fun climbing on all the fun things at the park.
Matthew chillin' in the stroller.
Matthew has started pulling up on things. We lowered their cribs yesterday because we went in and Matthew had pulled up and was leaning over the rail. They both love standing up so I'm afraid it is just a matter of time and they will be trying to walk.
If I'm on the floor they crawl and pull up on me. Kaylee is doing her scrunched up nose while she climbs up on my knee. She loves to make funny faces.
Matthew was screaming and this is what I found, Kaylee on top of him. They do this quite often, especially if one has a toy that the other one wants. It is pretty funny.
I got a new haircut on Saturday. It's a lot shorter than it was, but it is very easy to fix. I use to always say I wouldn't have a "short Mom haircut" but hey who cares :). It is kind of stacked in the back and I have bangs, which I haven't had for a few years. It is always nice to try a new do.
Thomas missed our primary activity when they took the kids to the temple (we were flying back from Boise) but he got a kit to make a frame for a picture of the temple so we put it together yesterday after church. He was very excited to make it and put it in his room on his bookshelf so he can see it from bed.

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Sunni said...

Marji, your hair is so cute! I love taking little ones to the park. For them, it is better than Disneyland! Especially if there are French fries involved.

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