Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Boy's Night Out

On Friday Jim got the itch to go to a Mav's game. He hadn't been to a game all year and decided to see if he could find some decent seats. He checked stub hub and found a couple and then decided to just call the ticket office to see if any were available. Two in the lower section had just become available so he decided to go for it and take Thomas. Thomas was so excited to go to the game. We practiced cheering for the Mav's for a while before the game, he got the hang of it pretty quick. He insisted on puttinghis basketball t-shirt on, I guess we need to get him so Mav's gear.
Jim said that during the intro of the players he was pretty quiet, just taking it all in. He didn't cheer much at first, I think he was overwhelmed, but he soon got into the spirit of the game.
Thomas & JimNot bad seats for buying them just a few hours before the game.

Thomas loved the "bangers."
They had all these cool displays that Thomas enjoyed.

The game ended around 10:00 and luckily the Mav's won (unfortunately their only win of the series). They had a blast. Thomas was so cute when they got home telling me all about the game and his favorite parts.

I enjoyed a quiet evening at home. I ordered some yummy pizza (Chicken club from Papa John's in case you were wondering), got the babies to bed by 7:30 and watched the Masterpiece theatre version of Sense & Sensibility, it was very good.


Cathy Yoder said...

Yay for your Marji! A nice quiet evening is always wonderful. The pix of Jim and Thomas are so cute - it looks like they had a great time!

Andrea said...

That is so great that Thomas and Jim got a night out and you got a night in! It looks like the boys had a lot of fun.

jkump1 said...

Wow. Sounds like a winning night for everyone!

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