Thursday, April 17, 2008

Fun in the Spa City

We went to Hot Springs this past weekend. My dad was being made Bishop and he wanted all his kids to be there. Trish & Jen flew in from Salt Lake so it was fun to see them again. It was a crazy weekend with 9 grand kids at the house. Mom & Dad loved it of course. We had a great time talking and hanging out and laughing at our kids. Jim has been needing to go to Boston for work so he was able to fly from Little Rock on Monday and back there on Wednesday and I stayed with my parents so I could have a little help with the kids. It was nice to see my family for a little bit longer than I usually do. It was a fun spur of the moment trip!
Here's a picture of all the grand kids
Matthew, Kaylee & Thomas, Maggie & David, Ada Belle & Little Os, Maddy & Gabby. They got along pretty good for the most part. The older kids loved all the caterpillars that were out.
Jim with Matthew & Maddy
Thomas & Gabby ready to help Oscar blow out his birthday candles.
Pam & Kaylee, just a few more weeks and Olivia will be here to join in all the fun!
Jen with Kaylee & Maggie
Oscar with Little O & Matthew & Winston (the dog)
The girls talking
Brock (JP's son) with Matthew & Kaylee

David & Thomas, so happy together!

Kaylee & Maddy

Matthew loved climbing in the entertainment stand cubby. He would get stuck a million times a day. He is also doing a real crawl on all fours! I haven't gotten a video of him doing it yet though, I never had my camera handy.


Melissa said...

It's so much fun that there are so many kids so close in age. I wish I had that in my family!

Jennifer said...

That is awesome! I don't think my entire family has all been in the same room since Melissa and I went to college!

Jack & Danielle Monroe said...

The DeVauxs seem like a fun bunch!

Sunni said...

The twins are getting so big! I can hardly believe it. I love family get togethers, they are the best!

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