Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Father/Son Campout

Jim took Thomas on our ward's annual Father/Son Camp out on Friday night. It was at a campground about 45 minutes just to the north of us. Thomas was so excited to go camping, it was all he could talk about on Friday. Here are a few pictures from the night. His favorite part was throwing rocks in the lake & in the fire. They were home before the next morning because I had a sealing to go to, but it was pretty cool so they were ready to leave.

We have "Flat Jacob" visiting us right now and they took him camping with them.

Thomas in front of the tent. It was a wedding present to us and we have never used it together. I've used it camping with the young women & Jim's used it for scout camp outs. Camping isn't really my thing.

Thomas took this picture of Jim
Thomas sleeping with "Flat Jacob."
Thomas trying to stay warm in the morning.
It was a fun night for the boys. I had a fun night too, Matthew & Kaylee were in bed before 7:00, I read a book (Austenland, pretty good) did my nails and watched a little TV.

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