Monday, January 7, 2008

A Sunbeam!

I started trying to get Kaylee & Matthew to eat solids. Kaylee doesn't really like it all. She'll keep her lips closed tight and I have a hard time getting anything in. You can tell from the above picture she doesn't look very happy.
Matthew really likes to eat. He will eat quite a bit. His favorite so far is butternut squash.

Thomas started primary yesterday and is a Sunbeam! I can't believe he's old enough to be in primary, the years are flying by. He didn't want to pose for a picture, he's being silly. He liked it and didn't miss nursery. He has a great teacher (Andrea) who is having a baby and moving so she will be greatly missed and hard to replace!
Jim has an extra big smile because he got released from being E.Q. president yesterday. He'd been in the presidency for just over 3 years so he's excited for a change.
Me & Thomas
Thomas was laying down and enjoyed having Matthew lay down with him.

I got my hair cut again, it is a little bit different than before, just a little shorter. Doesn't Kaylee have a beautiful smile!

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Andrea said...

Thomas is an extra cute, extra happy little sunbeam. I'm very sad I won't get to teach him the rest of the year.

Very cute pictures of everyone!

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