Thursday, January 10, 2008

Mother's Day Out

Well Thomas started Mother's Day out on Tuesday. He was very excited. Jim worked from home that day so we could both take him to "school." He would hardly stand still for a picture before we left the house.
Thomas and Daddy (he looks a little nervous, but it doesn't last long).
His teachers are really nice. Thomas went right in and started playing. When I picked him up they said he loved playing in the kitchen. That night when he was going to bed I asked him what his favorite thing about school was, he said: "Playing with my friends and building towers." He's very social so I think this will be great for him. He gets so bored with me and the babies. He is going to go on Tuesday & Thursday. It is very weird not having him around, but I can get more done faster. This morning I dropped him off and ran to Target and got a few things, came home and exercised for about 20 minutes on our new Elliptical machine and took a shower. Matthew woke up before I showered but he had fun just playing on the floor with his toys. He is rolling all over the place right now, it's pretty cute. I have 2 more hours till I pick Thomas up I guess I should clean something or do some laundry :)

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Andrea said...

That sounds so nice! you are good, I would have taken a nap.

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