Tuesday, November 6, 2007

3 months old!

Matthew & Kaylee were 3 months old on Friday! The time is flying by! We think Matthew has finally passed Kaylee up in length and weight.

Matthew kind of looks like Froggy.

Kaylee with her little piggie and a big smile!
They are both watching Matthew's mobile.
Kaylee & Matthew before church on Sunday. I just thought they looked so cute in their Sunday outfits I had to take a picture of them. Matthew is just Mr. Smiles lately, he is such a happy baby.

A short video of Matthew & Kaylee at 3 months.


Andrea said...

they are both so cute!

Bruce & Chris said...

Wow, what a blessing from Heavenly Father! They are adorable, and look so healthy and huggable. Congrats!

Chris and Bruce

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