Monday, July 9, 2007

The Twin's Closet

Our 4th of July and weekend project was to get the closet ready for the babies. Jim knocked out the old shelves and put these new ones in. We did this with Thomas's closet and it gives you so much more storage space and just utilizes the closet better. Thomas enjoyed reorganizing his little brother's stuff. I had it all hung up by age and he came and changed it all around, which is fine. I think he played in there for about 20 minutes!

Once Jim finished it on Saturday I hung up all the clothes we've gotten for the twins.

The girl's clothes are just so cute and fun. I obviously need to buy more clothes for my little girl! Here I am on Sunday, almost 34 weeks! You are probably noticing the funny painted wall, well we got some paint to paint over some of Thomas's artwork he had decorated our wall with and it isn't a perfect match :). You don't notice it in bright light or if you look directly at it, but if you look at it on an angle, you really see the touch up paint, like in the picture. We are just going to have to repaint everything, but it can wait until after the twins arrive. It might be a fun project for Jim and his dad when they come to visit in September!

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Ruthie said...

I came to check in to see if those babies were born. So exciting! :)

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