Monday, July 16, 2007

A few random pictures & thoughts

I was craving brownies last night so we made a batch. Thomas loves to help cook. He discovered how much fun it is to lick the spoon when you are making a yummy dessert :).
Thomas has a new obsession, playhouse Disney. He has gotten very good at using a mouse. He can even click and drag things. This really impressed Jim! He would play forever if we let him. He likes for Jim to set his laptop up on the art table. I guess we'll have to get him his own computer before too long. He kicks me off and tells me, "It's my turn mommy." We're hoping he doesn't develop carpal tunnel by the time he is 3!

My Mom and Dad came for a quick visit on Friday. They got in late Thursday night. Mom is making the bedding for the twins and brought the quilts and the bumper pads. We got them put on the beds and I think they look great! She just has the bed skirts left to do. It has us more motivated to get the rest of the office junk out of the room to get more ready for the twins! I think we are just going to leave the walls white (Jim is very excited about that). I can't decide on a color that would look good with the boy and girl bedding so we'll just put up lots of fun artwork and get some nice curtains to add color to the room.
I'm almost 35 weeks (I will be on Wednesday). Everything is looking good. At my ultrasound last week, the Dr. didn't do any measurements of the babies, but they both look good. They are still head down so I am excited about that. Dr. Brough said everything looks good and they can come any time! Jim is hoping in 2 weeks because he is super busy at work these next couple of weeks and has a couple of big projects to finish. I'm ready for them sooner than later though, it is pretty uncomfortable right now and I can only assume it will get worse as the babies get bigger, which is good for them. Oh well!

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Simone said...

Hi Marji! I am saying "hi" back (I got your message from Ruthie, and your blogspot--btw, I hope it's okay I'm posting this message--I didn't have your e-mail). Please forgive me for being such a bad friend and not keeping in touch. Now that I'm at home I've been doing better about long-distance friendships (you can ask Ruthie!).

I'm so excited you're having twins!! When are you due? Do you have any names picked out? Thomas looks so sweet.


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