Monday, July 2, 2007

My Baby Shower

Tina, Brandy & Angela threw my baby shower. It was at Brandy's new house. They did a great job on it. It was a fun "girl's night out" shower.
They had lots of my favorite foods.
This was by far, the coolest! A cake made out of ding-dongs & zingers, what could be better?

Pam & Jenny with a bouncer they gave me. It was nice of them to drive down from Arkansas for my shower.
Here's a picture of all the ladies that came to the shower. It was a fun evening.

Angela is an awesome quilter. I need to take some lessons from her. She made a quilt for each baby; then had all the party guests tie the quilts. They are so cool!

Thomas loves when Grandma comes to town. They had fun playing with play dough Friday morning. She stays pretty busy with Thomas and Maddy demanding attention from her.

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