Thursday, July 19, 2007

35 Weeks & some more good news

This is a picture of both their heads. They are still head down. I saw my Dr. yesterday and I'm dilated to a 2, almost 3 (yay!). We had the ultrasound today and the girl weighed 5 lbs 13 oz, little boy weighed 5 lbs 10 oz. They are both +/- 15 oz. So I most likely have over 11 lbs of baby that I'm carrying around, which is a ton! They are both looking good and at a good weight. I guess they could come anytime in the next couple of weeks and everything would be pretty good. If I don't have them by 38 weeks, which is August 8 we will schedule an induction. I really hope I have them before then. I think I'll go jump on the trampoline :).

This is Brittany. Our good friends Jamie & Denise, who deserted us and moved to California last year, just adopted her! They got her on Sunday. We are so excited for them and know they will be the best parents. They have been waiting for a child for a long time and she couldn't have gone to better people! Congratulations Jamie & Denise!

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