Friday, July 27, 2007

Still No Babies!

Thomas decided he wanted to put on Jim's shirt one day after he got home from work. Thomas loves to look at himself in the full length mirror in our room. He'll dance and sing in front of it. He's a little ham!

Jim took this picture of me & Thomas. He likes to talk to the babies every now and then.

Thomas is showing me where his 2 babies are. After he looks at my belly he lifts up his shirt and says, my two babies in here, and points to his belly.

Thomas thinks it is funny to have his belly touch my belly. Maybe he thinks our 2 babies are talking to each other or something.
There was no change at my Dr.'s appointments this week. I'm not dilated any more than I was last week. Next week I'm 37 weeks so I'm going to see if I can get my Dr. to go ahead and schedule an induction. I'm not pretty hopeful though, he's pretty firm on 38 weeks! So say a prayer that I will go into labor soon because I'm getting pretty uncomfortable!


Angela said...

I want another side view!

jkump1 said...

So cute. I love the picture of your bellies touching.

I hope Thomas has "recovered" from his trip to our house. Call me if you would like him to come and play with the boys for a few hours one day this week. They've been asking about him.

Also, I'll pray for you to go into labor. I cannot imagine how uncomfortable it is.

Marcie :)

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