Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Gabe's Mission Call

When we were in Florida, Gabe opened his mission call. He's going to the El Salvador, San Salvador East Mission. He reports to the MTC in Provo on June 20th and will be gone for 2 years! He's flying to Salt Lake on the 19th and is going so spend a little time with Trish, Nick & Gabby before he goes to the MTC.
The whole DeVaux family (minus the Greenwood's) came to Dallas this weekend to go to the temple with Gabe. We won't be able to go to Hot Springs for his Mission farewell so we had to say bye to him on Saturday. I can't believe my baby brother is old enough to serve a mission. He will be a great missionary. There will be at least 5 more nieces & nephews born while he is gone, probably more.

Thomas and Uncle Gabe-he loves this Shamu puppet. He finally figured out how to make it squeek. Thomas loves when Uncle Gabe comes to visit becuase he jumps really high on the trampoline.
Gabe & Jim

Marji & Gabe-next time he sees me the twins will be almost 2 and I (hopefully) won't have this big belly anymore :).

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