Friday, June 8, 2007

Fun Project

Brandy & I haven't done any projects together in forever. First I was sick and didn't feel like it, then when I was out of my 1st trimester, she was starting hers and didn't feel like doing anything. So we were going to hit the pool today, but it was overcast and yucky this morning so we decided to do some USA letters for a 4th of July decoration. We've done letters for most of the seasons or holidays, for Halloween we did BOO letters, Christmas: JOY, Valentine's Day: XOXO so it was time for some more.

Here's the finished product. We used the paper mache letters. Michael's and Hobby Lobby carry them, they are $1.99 at H.L. & $2.99 at M's. We got the paper at Hobby Lobby, I don't remember what brand it is.

The stars are from Michael's. They were yellow and we painted them maroon and navy. We used Diamond Dust to give it some sparkle. We went around the letters with Crystal Effects (from Stampin' UP) and then sprinkled the Diamond Dust on.

I think they turned out pretty cool and we got most of the work done while Thomas took his nap.

Thomas wanted to help put the "sparkles" on when he woke up so I gave him some sparkly balls to play with. It kept him happy for a little while.

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