Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Snow and Hostess

I'm sorry I'm so behind on blogging. I got Thomas' bad cold so last week was a yucky week for me. It snowed last week. Thomas was so excited. He looked out the back window and said, "Mama it snowing!" So we got jackets and hats on and went out front. His mittens didn't stay on too long because he wanted to touch the falling snow. I showed him how to catch a snowflake on his tongue and eat it. He thought that was pretty cool, yummy too.

Since I'm pregnant with twins I have to eat a lot of calories every day. I have a hard time doing this because food just doesn't sound good to me. So I have a ding-dong every afternoon. Usually I eat it while Thomas is asleep so I don't have to share. He woke up early on this day and after I had eaten one bite he took it away from me and ate it all! I tried to get another bite from him, but he wouldn't put it down or let go of it.

So now, I make sure I eat my ding-dongs while he is still sleeping or where he can't see me. How bad of a mom am I? I don't want to share my chocolate :)

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