Wednesday, February 7, 2007


Thomas got a little bored while we were watching the Super Bowl on Sunday night so Jim built him this "tent." Thomas thought it was the coolest thing. The funny thing is he will only let Jim build it for him. He doesn't ask me to build him one during the day, but as soon as Jim is home, he starts saying, "Tent, DaDa, Tent, yellow.." (He calls the blanket yellow.) He has to have his choo-choo train pillow in the tent with him. If I'm sitting on the couch then he'll pop out of it every now and then and say Boo or scream to scare me. Once he wanted Jim and I to lay down with him in the tent, it was very crowded.
I took a fun video of Thomas playing his "drums" (food storage cans). I thought I could post it, but can't figure out how to. I'll have to do a little more research about video on blogs. I've been to some blogs that have video.

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