Friday, January 26, 2007

Sick Week

Well I meant to post earlier in the week, but Thomas got sick Tuesday night so I've been busy taking care of him. I think he just got a stomach bug. I took him to the Doctor, but it wasn't strep or an ear infection. He's slowly getting better. He was so tired last night, he fell asleep while Jim was giving him his bath. Poor kid. Anyway, before he got sick I took him to a gymnastics class at ASI to see if we should sign him up for one. His favorite part was jumping on the trampoline. He was the best jumper in the group. He does a great seat drop. After they jumped for about 10 minutes they went and did exercises in a circle. He didn't really care for that. He kept running off, trying to get back to the trampoline.

After circle exercises they got to run down a long skinny trampoline and jump into a pit of foam. He thought that was pretty cool. His favorite thing by far though, was the rope swing. He was the only kid who would do it by himself. He would not let go of the swing either. The teacher had to make him drop into the foam pit.

It was a pretty cool class, but I don't think he is quite old enough for it yet. I had to do too much running around after him. I will keep looking for something fun for him to do though.
I had my first doctor's appt with my ob/gyn on Tuesday. It was a good appt and we got to have another ultrasound. I guess I'll have one almost every appt. so they can keep a close eye on the twins. Dr. Brough said I could take Unisom at night to help me sleep and it has been great! I feel so much better getting a full nights sleep and I don't feel as sick in the morning!
I have a Stampin' UP workshop tomorrow morning. I'll try to post the cards that we are going to make at it later!

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