Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Averi…Potty Trained

This post is long overdue. I had been planning on potty training Averi once the kids were out of school. One day in May she decided she wanted to wear panties and go potty. So I said, why not! From then on out she has done a wonderful job wearing panties! My mom always said I potty trained myself and I never really understood it until Averi. It helped that her best friend Tessa was potty trained. {Thanks Andrea!} I think Averi finally decided she was done with diapers. It has been so nice. I have had at least 1, sometimes 2 or 3 kids in diapers for over 7 1/2 years! I love not having to change diapers anymore, it is heaven!


We still have the occasional accident but for the most part it has been amazing. I was due an easy kid after potty training Thomas & the twins!


I wish I had secrets to share on how to quickly potty train your kids, I don’t. I really did nothing, it was all Averi!

Way to go Averi!!


Our Little Hatch Family !!! said...

That is amazing! I wish it was that easy with Rohnin...not so, but I am soo glad you got a break with Averi! Lucky lady no more diapers!!!

Andrea said...

I wish you had secrets to share too!!! that is so awesome!

Nicole said...

That is awesome, way to go Averi!

Cathy of Fabulessly Frugal said...

I'm jealous!!

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