Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Thomas-1st Grade!

Thomas started 1st grade last week. He is doing very good and loves his teacher. There are a couple of friends from his class last year in his class and he is making new friends. He has more homework (he isn’t really happy about it) but he does it and gets it right! We took some pictures before he went to school. He said he wanted Jim to take him since I get to  pick him up. I love how confident he is. I was a little sad not to take him, but knew he was in good hands with Jim.


He loves to wink

first grade

Mrs. Whittaker was right by the front doors when they walked in so Jim got a quick picture.

thomas and mrsw

When I was a teacher I would sometimes get really thoughtful gifts from my students. I still have some of them. (Most teachers don’t like apples so don’t give them things with apples on them!) I love these double walled cups with straws. I always had a drink handy when I was teaching because you get so thirsty from all your talking. I used my trusty silhouette and cut some vinyl and put some M&M’s inside the cup because everyone needs chocolate on the first day of school. It turned out pretty cute I think!

cupcup w

They didn’t let the parents go to the classroom the first day so Jim got this picture of Thomas at his desk on the 2nd of school

thomas desk


Crysta said...

Thomas looks so grown up! I LOVE the cup idea, so creative!

Love the hair, and his sign...precious!

Melanie said...

Oh Thomas is so cute! Love his hair! Bet you couldn't wait to pick him up the first day and find out how it was. Good luck this school year Thomas!

Nicole said...

He looks so grown up! What a cute idea for his teacher, I'm going to have to remember that.

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