Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Old BYU 57th Ward mini reunion

Our good friend Brett (he & Jim have been friends since they were kids) set up a little dinner with some old friends from our last student ward at BYU, the one we met in. I didn’t pull my camera out until the end so I didn’t get some of our friends who had to leave early. Sorry Adrian & Kate and Brigette & Tyler! Jim was in the 57th ward for 3 years, I was just in it for 1 year, I liked to move around! He says he had to just stay put and wait for me to show up!

groupBrett, Janae & Dax, Brian, Allison & Benson, Aaron & his wife (I can’t remember her name) I look like a dork pointing my remote at the camera!

group 2

It was fun to catch up with everyone. Jim thanked Brian for finding me a condo in the ward all those years ago. Brian and I met in Heritage Halls in 1999, we were in the same ward. He had just gotten home from his mission and was scared of girls. We became good friends and hung out. A few years later when I decided to go back to BYU and not on a mission(a whole different story for another time) I called him to see if he knew of a  place I could live and some girls in his condo had an opening so I moved in. A few months later Jim and I started dating and the rest is history.  It was fun to meet Brian’s wife and new baby and catch up and laugh about old times. It is funny the things people remember about you.


Our kids had so much fun with the Davis kids. They are all a little wild and crazy and got along great!  Brett & Janae have and awesome basement with lots of gymnastics equipment and they didn’t want to leave it


Thanks for a fun night Brett & Janae! It was fun to see you and for our kids to meet! Check out Janae’s blog, it is hilarious!

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Grumpy Grateful Mom said...

I'm so glad you guys got to stop by! But, I have to correct something in your story. My kids aren't a little wild and crazy. They are A LOT wild and crazy. I'm grateful no one was permanently injured with my 3-year-old's pirate sword. :)

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