Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

I got the kids dressed a little early and took some pictures of them before church this morning. I knew if I waited until after church it wouldn’t happen!

I got some good shots of my  kids and I shot in manual mode! It helped that it was perfectly overcast this morning so the lighting was great. I am really trying to learn my camera more and am loving the results I am getting.


Averi in a rare serious mood.  She was very silly while I was taking her pictures and wouldn’t stand very still. I was excited to see the picture when I uploaded them. She is getting a little more hair finally!


Kaylee is such a pretty girl! I love how both of these pictures show her sweet personality.

kaylee 2

Kaylee and Matthew are so cute together, they have so much fun and love being twins!

kaylee matt


Averi ran over to get in the picture with Kaylee and Matthew, she doesn’t want to be left out!


Matthew is our little ham. He loves to make funny poses and put his arms in weird positions when it is picture taking time.

3 big kids

Kaylee loves her big brothers so much!


Thomas..he is into fixing his own hair lately. He is really growing up and tries really hard to be a good big brother and helper to me.


Jim came out to help me get a good group shot. We are so blessed to have 4 beautiful kids. I’ll post our egg hunt tomorrow.


Jennifer said...

Awe, I LOVE that picture of Matthew and Kaylee!

Nicole said...

Great pictures, your kids are so cute!

Carolee said...

Oh they are just so cute. What a great photo shoot! Love love love the one of Matthew and Kaylee. Such beautiful kids! Miss them!!

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