Friday, April 15, 2011

Averi-the Big Girl

Averi is growing up way too fast. Sometimes I wish I could freeze time with her! She wants to do whatever everyone else is doing. She is refusing to sit in her high chair and wants to stand on a stool at the counter. This requires me to sit by her so she doesn’t fall. We are going to have to order a 4th stool before summer is here.

DSC_0022 edit

I just think that she is the cutest thing ever, though she is a bit of a bully. Just ask Tessa, she always takes her bow out of her hair. We think she has “hair envy.”

DSC_0023 edit

At the library yesterday she kept pushing Ronan over. He is younger than her, but bigger. She’d chase after him then when she would get close she would give him a little push. Then she would laugh when he fell…I blame it on wrestling with Matthew. She has to be tough with him as a big brother. Just a couple more months until she is in the nursery at church. I think she will rule the roost there like she does at home.

DSC_0025 edit

Look at those top teeth, just a little crooked, probably because of the pacifier. It is about  time to get rid of it. She’s got 4 teeth on top and 2 on bottom.

DSC_0026 edit

She is really good at using a fork and spoon. If I forget to give her one, she lets me know!

DSC_0027 edit

We just can’t imagine our life with out this funny little thing!


Stella pushed her all over the yard in the blue truck. I guess we should charge the battery for it. She had so much fun with Stella. She is a good friend!

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Andrea said...

I love the picture of her with Stella. I am glad you captured that. She is so cute, and fun to be around. I think she will rule the roost in nursery too.

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