Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A Little Trip

We decided to make a quick trip to Dallas the week of New Year’s. Jim had an extra vacation day and we thought it would be fun to go see a few friends and check on our house in Roanoke. We left Thursday morning and headed to Brandy & Jeff’s house. The kids were very excited to see their friends. We had fun hanging out watching the kids play. It was nice and warm outside so they had fun playing in the backyard and riding bikes. After a yummy dinner and a trip to the yogurt place we got the kids to bed and we got to enjoy some adult time and watch a movie in the media room.


We got up Friday had breakfast and got loaded up to head over to Roanoke. We took some pictures of the kids…



Not really sure what Kaylee & Matthew are doing…praying maybe?


The Twins


After we left the Dowdle’s we headed over to the Reese’s for a quick visit. The kids just ran in and and went right upstairs to the playroom. we didn’t see them until we had to leave. Kaylee was in heaven with all the princess things that Kate & Emily have. It was fun to catch up with Kevin & Angela. We stayed at their house for a little while then grabbed lunch at yummy Potbelly and headed over to Roanoke. The kids had fun running around our empty house. They were really cute saying, oh this was our playroom and our old bedrooms. I miss the big pretty kitchen and the big windows and all the light. We went and visited with the Ellis’s for a few minutes then headed over to Grapevine Mill’s mall. I wish we had time to see all of our friends in Sachse and Roanoke. Hopefully the next time we go we’ll have more time to see more people.

Grapevine Mills was CrAzY busy!! I had to get a few things for the kids, we just don’t have as many store options in Arkansas. We decided to let the kids do Build-A-Bear. Thomas has done it a couple of times, but this was Kaylee & Matthew’s first time to do it. They were so excited!! They had so much fun choosing their bear and the sound and then choosing the outfits.



I didn’t get a picture of the finished products. Matthew chose a Jedi Star Wars outfit for his bear and named him Ben (as in O-Bee-Won). Thomas dressed his bear in a clone trooper outfit and named him Rex. Kaylee choose a pink ballerina outfit and calls her bear Princess Leia. I think we have to much star wars going on at our house! Averi got a cute little lamb. We’ll wait till she’s older and can appreciate the build-a-bear experience!

After shopping a little more we headed up to McKinney to Jeff & Marcie’s. We didn’t get to see them before we moved to Arkansas. Thomas was so excited to see Landon and Blake. They had fun playing.  Thomas and Blake got a long really well this time and had fun together. We toasted in the new year with Jeff and Marcie with a glass of Martinelli’s then we all went to bed.  We headed out Saturday morning. The kids were all sad to leave, Thomas especially. Hopefully we’ll get back to Dallas soon! (Next time I’ll take more pictures! I can’t believe I didn’t pull my camera out more!)


Andrea said...

What a great trip. I am glad you got to see all those people. Yes, pull your camera out more I wanted more pics. I am sad you didn't get to go this weekend, but I am sure you will find another time. You could always scramble for a last minute ticket and go see jason tonight. he he.

Angela and Kevin Reese said...

It was great to see you!

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