Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me!


We started celebrating on Friday night. My mom came up to watch the kids so Jim and I could go out for my birthday. Have I mentioned how much I love living in Arkansas and having my mom so close…well I do! It is the best!! We  went to a yummy Japanese restaurant and sat at the Hibachi grill. It was so good!  Afterwards we went and did a little shopping. It was just nice being able to have a conversation without getting interrupted every few minutes by the kids. We had a nice night out and the kids had a blast with Grandma!


Since Halloween fell on a Sunday and we celebrated it on Saturday I got my birthday all to myself. I didn’t have to share it with Halloween, which was very nice for a change! I got to sleep in a little, we had church and Jim had to go early for a meeting. The kids were so excited to give me their presents, Jim didn’t even have time to wrap them.  They each picked out something for me. Jim got me a Kindle which I am sooo excited about! I love to read and sometimes feel like books are overtaking our house. As part of my gift, I get to buy 1 book a month for my Kindle. There are lots of free books available as well so it should keep me busy and help make picking up Thomas not be so boring!


Jim planned a nice family dinner, he organized it all! We had yummy brisket with all the fixings. My mom made a delicious (from scratch) carrot cake. Kaylee and Matthew helped put all 35 candles in.


It was so much fun to have my family around on my birthday. The last birthday I celebrated with my family was my 30th when everyone came to Dallas to surprise me. I am so blessed with such a wonderful husband, fun kids, great family and many good friends who helped me have a great day!


Andrea said...

I am such a horrible friend. I can't believe that I forgot to wish you a happy birthday on Sunday. That darn halloween it just overtakes your birthday doesn't it. I am glad you had a great birthday. It looks like so much fun.

Nicole said...

Happy Birthday!

Meredith said...

Happy birthday to you! Isn't so nice to have family around! We are the same, I feel super lucky to live near babysitters! And family get-togethers are the BEST!!!

Carolee said...

Glad it was a great weekend! Cute new do, too!

The Hatches said...

OK, so we are just emerging from a crazy week. I feel bad for forgetting your did that happen? Michael had a bad cold, so we (meaning mostly me) didn't have a lot of sleep lately (for two weeks), so my memory was pretty much shot...sorry. Sounds like you had a great one though.

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