Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Free Shutterfly Cards!

I love sending and getting Christmas cards every year. It is so much fun to hear from Old college roommates or high school friends or friends we used to live by but since have moved. Before I had FOUR kids I would hand stamp cards. I would spend HOURS stamping, cutting and assembling Christmas cards and I loved every minute of it…except the year I did eyelets…that was a lot of hammering! And then came the twins…I still made my cards, but it took me a lot longer and I didn’t get them out as early as I wanted. Now I am all about letting someone else do the work for me and Shutterfly has an amazing offer right now for bloggers. They are giving away 50 FREE cards for just blogging about their great products. They have tons of great designs, it is hard to choose which one to use.

I like this one with the colors and lots of different pictures.

Or this one is kind of cool and different

One of my favorite things that isn’t a card is these coasters. I made a set for my mom and she loves them. The kids love them too because there have pictures of all their cousins on them! They are really durable and would be very hard to break!



So check out Shutterfly for all of your holiday needs. You won’t be disappointed!

If you blog and want to take advantage of this great offer click here.

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jennifer rogers said...

ooh! Thanks for the cool link! I'm very excited! We got Averi's bday invite, it's too cute! We should be able to make it!

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