Thursday, October 14, 2010

School Fall Carnival

Thomas was so excited for his school’s fall carnival.  He kept reminding me that I had to send money for the rings (wristbands) so he could do all the fun stuff at the carnival. The night before the carnival he got a stomach bug so he didn’t go to school the next day. He didn’t have a fever and by the evening and was dying to go so we decided to go (we’d already pre-ordered the wristbands!) When we got there the helicopter was about to land so we got to watch it.



The kids weren’t quite sure what to think about it…


After we watched the helicopter land we headed over to the big blow up slide. The kids loved it and did it a few times each.




Next we headed to the obstacle course, they loved it and were really good at it.


Thomas went through it so fast I didn’t have time to get a good picture of him!


Thomas was most excited about the rock climbing wall. The line was pretty long so while he waited with Jim to do the wall, I took the other kids on the hay ride, Jim took the picture with the zoom lens. We’re in the middle, I’m in the white shirt and Averi & Matthew’s eyes are glowing. They loved the hayride, it was a lot of fun!


I’m not sure how high the wall was, but it was pretty high. He got halfway up, then came down.

DSC_0050     DSC_0051



After the rock wall we headed to the spinning chairs.


I didn’t think Kaylee and Matthew would want to do it, but they loved it! Luckily they were paired with some bigger kids so they could spin.

DSC_0066  DSC_0073

DSC_0067 DSC_0069

Then on to some of the fun games.

DSC_0082  DSC_0083

We ended the night with some popcorn, cotton candy and lemonade.


It was a fun night. I’m so glad that Thomas goes to such a great school!


Angela and Kevin Reese said...


Andrea said...

great pics. I am glad he started to feel better.

Carolee said...

Wow! That is quite the school carnival! I'm glad Thomas got to go and ya'll had so much fun!

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