Thursday, October 21, 2010

Arkansas State Fair

I’m really behind on my blogging…sorry! We went to the fair on Oct. 9th. It was in the 90’s so we only stayed a couple of hours, but we had a lot of fun while we were there. We started in the petting zoo. The kids liked feeding the animals and petting them. We rode a few rides and ate some food. I was really craving some of the yummy “fair food” but with the heat and chasing after the kids I didn’t have much of an appetite. Maybe it will be cooler next year and I can really pig out!

fair collage_edited-1


I loved the Zebra, Matthew wouldn’t pet him for me though!


Averi really enjoyed her stroller and watching everybody.


The race car ride was the last ride we did. The boys went on it and had so much fun that Kaylee wanted to go on it too.  It was pretty entertaining to watch them, the cars would jerk around the corner and they would scream and laugh. I love seeing my kids have fun like that!DSC_0131DSC_0129DSC_0139

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