Friday, October 1, 2010

Outside fun

We love our backyard and are really enjoying it with the cooler weather.  We usually spend most evenings after dinner playing outside. Here's some pictures of some of our fun!

Averi loves to play soccer with the kids!

 Averi loves to push things outside, she was even able to push Thomas!
 Maddy giving the little girls a ride in the wagon.

 Averi's favorite place to be is outside, look at the cute dirty face and her dirty little feet

Averi has discovered the trampoline and she LOVES it! We have to keep the other kids off because they just don't understand little jumps! It is amazing that she has such good balance to walk on the trampoline already!


jennifer rogers said...

that little avery is too cute! I'm very impressed with her walking skills!

Nicole said...

Cute kids! We love playing outside.

Meredith said...

That's so fun! We have been outside a TON too enjoying the cooler weather!

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