Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Averi is 5 months!

Wow! I can't believe Averi is 5 months old. Time is just flying by with her.

look at how much she has changed since 1 month!
She loves her exersaucer. Her favorite toys on it are the tea pot and the birthday cake.
As soon as we stack the cake for her, she gets so excited and knocks it over and tries to eat it. She loves being in it because she can watch what her brothers and sister are doing. They always come and play and talk to her.
I've started feeding her some solids. I am not consistent at all about feeding her, but she seems to enjoy it a little. She really liked the carrots. The big kids all want to help feed her and it gets a little messy so that is why I don't feed her alot I think.

Averi is still sleeping through the night. She can scoot and roll everywhere. She rolled off my bed the other night-she didn't get hurt it just freaked us both out! She loves to coo and talk to us. She is such a blessing to our family.


Carolee said...

She is so lovely and sounds delightfully fun!!

Meredith said...

What a cutie pie!

Cathy said...

I know why you don't feed her much... it's because she's your FOURTH baby! :) Mallory still hasn't had a taste of solids! Poor thing!

Angela and Kevin Reese said...

And she is still a cutie!

Nicole said...

She is so cute, they grow up so fast!

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