Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Averi's First Bath

Averi finally had her first bath last night. Her cord fell off last week and I've wanted to give her a bath everynight and it didn't happen until last night. Life is crazy with 4 kids. Averi wasn't sure about it at first, but I think she liked it by the end. I decided to just bathe her in my sink since she is so small still.
Happy with her soothie after her bath.
Watching the BYU bowl game with Daddy


Melissa said...

Averi is just SO CUTE!

Cathy said...

She is so beautiful!!! She looks like a DOLLY! :)

Cathy said...

By the way - fourth child does not get bathed much the first 6 months. Just so you know.

Crysta said...

What an angel!

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