Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Toddler Beds

Well last week Matthew decided he did not want to sleep in his bed anymore. We weren't really ready to take off their crib tents off and let them have their freedom, but we didn't have a choice. The first couple of nights we just had them on pallets in front of their crib because we wanted a place to put them when they were naughty. They did pretty good and we decided there was no turning back so we took off the crib tents (sad day for me) and the front of their cribs and now they have toddler beds. They were very excited about their beds not being cages anymore.  Matthew decided he liked sleeping on the floor and didn't want to sleep in his crib so we made him a pallet on the floor and he was happy. Kaylee was in her crib, but crying and Jim went in and she pointed to the floor. She wanted to be on the floor like Matthew.  On Monday, she laid on the floor first and then when I went in to check on them she was in her bed. I guess she decided she didn't have to be on the floor just because Matthew was!
Yesterday they were very naughty at naptime. I put them down and had to go in a couple of times because they were playing and being noisy.  I decided I'd wait a while to go in even though they weren't asleep, when I did I found both of themin the sink in their room with about an inch of water on the floor!  I freaked out. They had pushed the ottoman from their rocking chair into their bathroom area (they just have a sink in their room and it connects to the bathroom through a  door that we keep locked). I started grabbing towels and soaking up the water and throwing the towels in the tub. I went through all the towels upstairs.  I got them changed because they were soaking wet and went downstairs to check out the damage. We had a couple streams of water coming down the ceiling in our closet, luckily it was just on the carpet and not anything else. Put some towels and bowls down and then went back upstairs and found some water in the closet that I had missed. M&K never went to sleep, we had to get Thomas from school so I didn't force the issue. I was too worn out.  When Jim got home he pulled the carpet up in their room because it was pretty wet. We used the fan for our bounce house to dry the wood and pad and it is all back to normal today.  We took everything out of their room but their beds. We put the dresser in the closet with a door knob cover so they can't get into it anymore. Oh, they had pulled all the clothes out of their dresser and wore working on the clothes in the closet! Twins really do get into more trouble together!
I took these pictures yesteday before the water incident. You can see they are looking a little naught, if I had only known!

Matthew is really into cars lately. He takes them everywhere with them. 

Kaylee and her funny face!

Matthew this morning

We finally got some pictures up in our family room. I blew up our family picture at the beach at Costco ($5 for an 18x20) and hung the kids most recent pictures. We left a spot for baby girl under Kaylee's picture.

I'm 31 1/2 weeks and everything is going great! My one craving is Salt and Vinegar chips, only certain brands though, they have to be vinegary or they don't satisfy me. I'm going to the Dr. every 2 weeks now so it is all going to go by fast now! I'll have to get Jim to take a pix of me and I'll post it next time. I also have an ultrasound picture to post, but haven't scanned it yet.


Danielle said...

Oh, no. You had to deal with the water mess while being 31 weeks pregnant. I didn't connect that!

Nicole said...

I'm sorry you had to deal with that. We moved Ella to a toddler bed a couple of months ago and she did good at first, but now she is constantly coming out when she is supposed to be sleeping, I can't imagine dealing with 2 doing that. Good luck. The pictures look great!

Meredith said...

I love your new wall!!!! What a cute idea! Do you have a name for baby girl yet? Good luck with the toddler beds!!! I think it's going to be a nightmare when we switch Mallory to one, I'll not be looking forward to that!!!

Jennifer said...

oh Marji! What a bummer of a day! You guys might just have to turn the water off under the sink huh?! lol.

Glad to hear you are feeling good! What girl names are you thinking of?

The Hatches said...

OK, that's just a bad afternoon. I feel really bad for you. This is why we still have Brit & Michael in their cribs. I am not looking forward to the day we must move them to a single bed; they'll never sleep!

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