Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Matthew Singing

So we haven't been doing much lately that I have been taking pictures of so I haven't been blogging lately. We are just busy doing the same old same old. I can't believe that it is October tomorrow! I've got to get my Christmas shopping done because I know once this baby girl comes in December I won't be getting out and doing much! This pregnancy is just flying by, I'll be 31 weeks on Friday! I am getting really tired in the afternoons. I fall asleep on the couch a lot and the kids just crawl all over me, not the most restful way to sleep, but it works! We're still working on the name. I have one I like, but Jim isn't convinced yet. I did get bedding for her room. I found it on eBay and got this 9 piece set for just $50! It is all new in the bag. It doesn't come with the curtains, hamper or mobile, but pretty much everything else! A very generous friend gave us her crib, car seat, high chair, exersaucer and tons of clothes. She will be one well dressed little girl! We had gotten rid of the majority of our baby stuff because we thought we were done so we are very grateful that she gave us so much stuff.I made some play dough today. I usually just buy play dough, but thought I would be more frugal and make some. The kids loved it and it really is better than the store bought stuff. My mom always cuts straws up and the kids use them as candles so I did the same. Matthew started singing happy birthday and I had to get it on video because it was so cute! Enjoy
Grandpa Anderson's birthday is tomorrow, so this is for you!


Meredith said...

I LOVE that bedding, it's adorable! And for $50, can't beat that! What a great deal! Don't you love friends who pass along their stuff, it's so nice when you just need it for such a short time! Can't wait to hear what name you pick out!

Melanie said...

Ah, cute bedroom!!! Love it! Matthew and Kaylee are adorable too. Good luck with the rest of the pregnancy!

Cathy said...

Why didn't it enter my mind that they can talk now!?!? SOOO cute! I love it! AND you'll need another crib. Didn't think about that either! That set is WAY cute! I'll be induced on the 12th... only 10 days to go! Hope all continues to go well with you in your prego state!

Angela and Kevin Reese said...

The bedding is so cute. Great to see that your nesting phase is kicking in.

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