Thursday, July 9, 2009

Class Day 4

Day 4 is how to apply clipping masks, another cool and easy technique! I am such a nerd because each morning I'm excited to get on my computer and see what the class is on for the day. I did 2 photos again because it is just so fun and easy to do! I think it takes me the longest to choose photos to use. I take way to many pictures, but then it is hard to find just the right one. The first one is from the Jungle cruise at Disneyland. I also played with the tinting and stuff a little bit to give it a more aged look.
The mask changed the edges on the photo to give it the scuffed up edge.
Just a shot of a tree budding, I took the picture because it was budding January, we had such a mild winter everything came out early!
I also played with the colors and saturation on this photo, just because I know how to now and it is fun :)

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Jennifer said...

Marji, Glad your liking that class. I was going to sign up too, but I missed the deadline. Bummer

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