Tuesday, June 23, 2009

My Cute Kids

Sunday we decided it was time to cut Matthew's hair. It was getting very long and he had a great cowlick going in the back. I just decided to buzz it all over. It gives him a very tough look I think! They didn't want to sit by each other.
A side view of Matthew's hair cut.
So cute!
Thomas finally joined in for the pictures, Matthew wasn't really in the mood.
Thomas and Kaylee
Sweet little Kaylee, we were shopping at Saturday and I held 2 dresses up to Kaylee and asked her which one she wanted. She pointed to the strawberry dress and then acted like she was eating a strawberry. It was so cute. It was only about $6 so I had to get it for her!


Andrea said...

Matthew looks so much like Thomas I always have to double check your picturs to see which one it is. And, you are right, that dress is so cute and such a deal at $6!

Fairbanks said...

Very cute, Matthew's hair looks great! That is a very cute dress.

Carolee said...

Love Matthew's hair! He is so handsome....they all look great, though! Such cuties!

DeAnna & John said...

I think Kaylee looks so much like you, Marji, in the last picture!

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