Friday, June 19, 2009

Fun at the Pool

Our city has a great community pool. It is much easier to go with Jim because it is so big and hard to keep track of K&M. Yesterday after Jim got off of work we picked up $1 happy meals at McD's and headed to the pool. Shortly after we got there a kid got sick and threw up in the pool so we had to get out for 30 minutes while they adjusted the chemicals. Some friends from church were there so Thomas hung out with their kids a little bit. Here's some pictures from our fun evening.
There's a great kids slide that Thomas can do on his own. He loves it!
Matthew just goes full throttle the whole time!
Under the spray umbrella
I know my SLR would take better pictures at the pool, but I'm scared to take it there!
Kaylee having fun with the sprayer
Thomas and his muscles
Matthew took over our drink and loved carrying it around sipping on it.
Thomas is taking swim lessons at the pool every night at 7:00. There is a park right next door so Jim took K&M to play while I stayed and watched swim lessons. He is doing great and loves them. Every morning he asks if it is time for swim lessons yet. At night he prays that he will go to swim lessons tomorrow. He is going to be sad when the 2 weeks are up! Thomas is the 2nd kid from the left.
Thomas is leading the pack swimming across the pool.


Carolee said...

That's so fun that all the kids like to play at the pool. Looks like a great time!

The Hatches said...

What a great pool! It's a good thing they are all 'water babies'. We still haven't taken them to the pool or the ocean...where do we live again?! Hopefully, in the next couple of weeks we'll take them to the beach.

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