Tuesday, March 3, 2009

More Disneyland and Our exciting news!

The Hatch's met us at Disneyland on Friday. It was fun to hang out with them for a while. We didn't get to do as many rides together because of our kids different schedules but it was still a lot of fun!
Matthew, Kaylee, Michael & Brittany
Kaylee wanted to get in the stroller with Brittany.

Kaylee & Matthew meeting Goofy. They loved all the characters!

Having fun on the carousel.

All the Anderson's and the Hatch's, so much fun with all of our kids. This is as good as it gets!

The kids having fun at Goofy's house. Thomas liked to help the "babies" down the slide.

On the Storybook boat ride.

Me & Denise
Jim and I on Pirates. We enjoyed Friday evening without the kids. Jim's parents stayed at our hotel room while they slept and we enjoyed doing a few "big people rides."

Matthew, Thomas, Kaylee & Gabby they all had fun hanging out.

With Grandma & Grandpa Anderson on Saturday morning.

Trish and I with "Mickey & Minnie"
Here's our big news...we have a new house! We are so excited about it. We'll be in the same ward. Its a new neighborhood and we got a good deal on the house. It has tons of great upgrades and extras and lots of room for visitors!!! We're hoping to close on it in the next couple of weeks and be in by the end of the month...so one more move. Lots of packing to do!

I love this little nook in the kitchen, the perfect spot for menu planning and my laptop. The floor has gorgeous 20 inch tiles from the entryway and through the kitchen.

The staircase in the entry way

The kitchen...I'm in love with it! Gorgeous granite counter tops, all stainless steel appliances, cherry cabinets...it is all gorgeous! I can't to wait to get in it and cook.


jennifer rogers said...

very pretty new house! i love the kitchen too! I have to say that you guys make me happy that Joe is going to be an actuary :)

SimmonsFamily said...

Beautiful!! Congratulations!!

Crysta said...

Love the house! What neighborhood is it in? We might want to move too. :)

Fairbanks said...

Disneyland looks like fun. And Congrats on the new house it is beautiful.

Melanie said...

What a beautiful house! Congratulations!

Natalie Daines said...

Hooray for a new house! Have fun moving and making it your own!

Glad Disneyland was a success and that you had fun...especially a night out on your own with Jim! That's the part that's magical, right?!

Angela and Kevin Reese said...

Wow! I love your house. Can't wait to see it in person.

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