Friday, March 13, 2009

Jim was working from home the other day and I made us all grilled cheese sandwiches. Kaylee and Matthew started feeding each other. It was pretty cute. They are crazy!
Kaylee with another crazy face.
Matthew opening wide.

Kaylee's pretty much got a mullet going. She has a ton more hair in the back than on top or the front. I keep hoping it will grow on top, but it isn't.
We enjoyed a few 80 degree days before it cooled down and started raining. The only good thing about the rain is our new lawn needs it. Thomas is having fun on Matthew's big wheel.
Kaylee eating, as usual. That girl is always wanting to eat. She must have a fast metabolism!
Kaylee's concerned look.
We close on our house on March 24 and are having movers come on Friday, the 27th. We are so excited and can't wait. We're packing what we can, but it seems like so much stuff is last minute, like the kitchen stuff. I would like to pack it up now, but I don't think Jim would go for eating out for the next 2 weeks! Since it is such a short move I'm hoping to just take some stuff over there and avoid packing it (like my dishes and pictures).

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Cathy said...

That girl has such blonde hair! Holy cow! Love the pix. Thanks for sharing. And good luck on your move! I bet you can hardly wait!!!

(ps - funny, my word verification word is SADUC - you know, like Sad-U-See. Oh boy - I'm losin it!)

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