Thursday, January 1, 2009

Christmas Day

Around 2 everyone started showing up at Mom's and Dad's house. We had lots of yummy things to munch on. I brought a cheese log and the stuffed jalapenos. Oscar made some yummy dips and we helped mom get dinner ready. The kids had a blast playing outside. It was a beautiful 70 degree winter day. It is nice that the older cousins play together so well now. I don't think David and Thomas got in any fights, they actually played well together!
Ada Belle carefully going down the stairs.
Maddy on the other hand liked jumping off!
Kaylee not so sure about the bounce house.
Matthew having fun in the bounce house.
Kaylee would just rub Little Oscar's head as she walked by, he didn't seem to mind.
Sweet little Olivia and Pam
Crazy Maddy pulling a face

Jen, David & Kids...I took some pictures for them and I liked this one because they were all laughing at each other. It was fun to be able to spend time with them for a little while.Maddy got a Nintendo DS for Christmas and all the kids liked to watch her play. They especially liked to watch Micha play. When we got home Thomas made his own Nintendo out of blocks that he carries around. He calls it something funny that I can't remember right now.

I didn't get many pictures of everyone opening their gifts that evening. Gabby had Thomas and she got him a ton of Handy Manny toys that he loves and a new DVD that he has watched about a million times. We had so much fun being with the DeVaux family on Christmas. It was a great day!

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The Hatches said...

OK, you're just a little too organized about posting Christmas pictures! Now, I feel obligated to do mine very soon! Thanks, Marji:)

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